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Очередной скандал с усыновлением

Думаю, можно согласиться с тем, что вне зависимости от проблем, которые родители испытывали с ребёнком, оставить его в лесупосадить его на самолёт и отправить восвояси слегка выпадает из области приемлемого.

Соответственно, собрал в себе все благоприобретенные качества американца и настрочил донос в полицию города, где проживают усыновители.

Тема : CRIME INFORMATION: Adopted child put on the plane never to be seen again by a resident of Shelbyville

Dear Chief Austin Swing,

Please consider this letter CRIME INFORMATION. My name is Oleg Poliannikov, and I live in Brookline, Massachusetts. I have read on the news that a resident of your town, Torry Hansen, may have been involved in child neglect or endangerment. The account of what happened can be found at this link:


There are other news reports readily available upon search in the Internet:


By all accounts it appears to be credible information. While I am not personally involved in this in any way, I am concerned about the welfare of this child. Please understand that a lot of Russians who live in the US consider it a blessing when Russian kids are adopted by American families. They are often given a chance at life that they would never have in the Russian foster care system. However, I think any reasonable person would agree that adopting a kid comes with responsibilities. And whatever they are specifically as spelled out by the law, dumping the kid on the plane never to be seen again is not acceptable.

As I have stated, I’m just a concerned person. I have no first hand knowledge about the incident. It’s clear from the news that the State Department or the US Embassy in Moscow is aware of the case and can provide you with more information. I’m sure the Children Services in your city can look into the matter as well.

Hope that this case can be resolved swiftly so that no other kid ever finds himself in similar circumstances.

Thank you for your service.


Oleg Poliannikov

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