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С миру по нитке

Позвонил и написал своим парламентариям и сенаторам и попросил не признавать выборы в России. Добавил пару соломинок, которые рано или поздно сломают спину верблюду. Человек в твиттере просит текст. Не думаю, что надо писать и говорить под копирку, но если не хватает английских слов, то вот примерно, что я сказал по телефону.

As you know Russia just held parliamentary elections, and Putin’s party claimed a win. Numerous evidence shows that the election results were rigged. In Chechnya, Putin supposedly received 99+% of the votes. And even in places like Moscow the official results are clearly fraudulent. While I don’t think that foreign governments can or should do much about this situation in Russia, they can at least voice their support of the Russian people and their freedoms including the freedom to choose their government. I ask you to make publicly known your strong support of the freedom of elections in Russia. Please let the Russian government know that you will not accept official results until they do an honest count of the votes. Thousands of protesters are already on the streets of Russian cities. Your reasonable and measured but firm and unambiguous statement will go a long way to show your true concern for the Russian people. Time is of utmost importance. Please don’t make this wait another 5 years until the next «elections». Thank you.

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